Crazy Brentwood Classic

Saturday, October 30, 2021 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

Fall sports are competitive, intense, and enjoyable, but there are not many sports quite as competitive, intense, and enjoyable as Varsity Volleyball. A sport where you repeatedly, and voluntarily, throw yourself on the floor, play after play - all just for a single point - and get up every time, maybe a little bruised and battered, but never with our spirits broken.

This past weekend, the Brentwood Senior Girls Volleyball team hosted 16 teams at the annual Brentwood Classic Tournament. Several teams from all over the Island, and a few top teams from the Mainland, ventured over to tiny Mill Bay to take part in some top-notch volleyball.

The girls started off their tournament with a tight win over John Barsby in the third set. Big blocks from Kaykay A and Alana H helped the team pull through to win their first game against a strong AA rival.

Their second match of the tournament took place at 6:10pm meaning everyone’s arts classes had finished, dinner had been eaten and Brentwood was ready and willing to go support their girls. The team-nominated ‘Fan Of The Month’ award goes to Dylan G, Whittall ‘23, who showed up to every game no matter the time, cheered at every point, despite who won it, and even got himself in trouble with the ref for disturbance of play as he, Tommy M, Oscar L, and Davis P hollered “BCS, BCS, BCS” while St Thomas Aquinas was serving.

The final match of the day was against AAAA Claremont, who are ranked 6th in the province. The squad had played Claremont before at the VIU Invitational Tournament earlier in the season where we fell short and lost in three sets. Sadly, the team repeated that trend and lost their first game of the tournament.

In the semi-finals, Brentwood faced AAAA NDSS who are ranked second in the province. The energy on the court was ecstatic. Heroic moments on both defense and offence led Brentwood to be tied 24-24, but we could not quite hold on as we lost the first set 24-26. The second set started off much the same - teams battling back and forth - but a few too many unforced errors on Brentwood’s side of the court led the girls to fall short, 19-15.

The Varsity team was defeated by AAAA Dover Bay in the bronze medal match after we struggled to pass, serve and swing consistently. Nonetheless, the team thrived off the competitive nature that these big schools brought. Coach Foug says it best: “These are the teams we want to be playing”. These are the teams that will help us progress to where we want to be in order to have a chance at provincial gold.

We, as a team, continued our positive journey the following weekend where we also placed fourth at ISAs playing a few of the top teams in the province. This weekend to Belmont, in preparation for North Islands, Islands, and hopefully, Provincials.

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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