Cracking The Code

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - By: Christopher B, Rogers ‘20

“Coding is like a sandwich, it takes time to build and make but the end result is worth all the effort.”, said Juan N, Whittall ‘20. Coding robotics is an area of programming that focuses predominantly on the tasks of robots. This elective at Brentwood is one of many that students are allowed to take for the entire year. Mr Harold Wardrop, a passionate teacher, is very helpful in and out of class. He pushes our coding ability by assigning many tasks and projects.

The main project the class has started and almost finished is the interactive art. The assignment shows our ability to use and work within the Python code. The project was to choose an art piece and work within it. “With this project, the sky's the limit” Mr. Wardrop said. The entire class with be able to show the art that they have created and prepared.

Throughout the year, Mr Wardrop often gives us different projects in distinct areas of coding. The first area is coding with the Robot C language. With this language, the class coded Vex Claw Bots to do many different duties. The class then moved into coding with the Python language. The class coded humanoid robots to do many obscure tasks such as making them walk, talk, and even think like humans. After our adventure with the Raspberry Pi’s and the interactive art, the coding team will then move onto a project of our own choice.

Christopher B, Rogers ‘20

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