COVID Cooperation

Sunday, April 04, 2021 - By: Esther S, Alex ‘22

It all happened at once, so fast and so rapidly, when the news of COVID-19 first spread; worldwide, it was scary, and even more intimidating when the actual virus managed to reach every part of the world.

I know I am not the only one that can say COVID-19 has been the scariest time of my life. It has been frightening, alarming and fearsome. Yet, I am so fortunate to attend a normal in-person learning environment while all my friends at home in Germany sit in their online classes, day after day after day.

Despite all the madness of COVID-19, this Spring Break I got to see a bit of BC. We strictly followed all COVID protocols, and all COVID safe habits were obeyed.

I visited Vancouver with a friend from my House - my learning cohort. Seeing Vancouver for the first time, by foot and not out of my small airplane window, I was shocked by its absolute beauty, size and diversity.

Despite all of the fantastic impressions I gathered along the way, one thing stood out to me the most.

How cautious and careful every local and “tourist” was when it came to COVID mitigations. How everything was handled so well truly shocked me because one year ago, during my Spring Break at home in Germany, it was definitely not under this much restraint.

We mainly pursued activities outdoors, like biking - with our masks on, of course. Even then, seeing how cautious everyone was genuinely stuck with me.

Mr Miller, my Biology 11 teacher, shared his comments on how COVID has impacted his life. His response was: “COVID has impacted the way I continue to see natural selection in motion. The way the virus moved from animals to humans highlights the interconnectivity amongst living things. COVID awareness highlights the need for fundamental science education to remove misunderstandings and notions of conspiracy.”

A fellow student, Liam F, said that COVID has even made him move to another country.

Ultimately, I believe that COVID has affected all of us in multiple ways, but what is truly beautiful is how we all decide to work and stick together even in challenging times.

Esther S, Alex ‘22

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