Counting the Days!

Friday, December 03, 2010 -

12 more sleeps.

Students key in on certain ‘markers’ in the Brentwood College school year. The first mid-term break , the last day of classes, the first dance and the night of secret Santa, exam week, Java Hut and showcase games, to name but a few. These events serve to remind us of the passage of time and just how quickly a year can go by. I think one of the biggest on the Brentwood calendar is the upcoming Christmas holiday.

It is hard to ignore the winter holiday.  The students cross each day off on of their calendars.  They whisper about it in hallways.  You can hear them… ’12 more sleeps’!

At Brentwood the December holiday is particularly long. Students will be flying home to exotic destinations such as Turkey, Cayman Islands, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Jamaica. They will be rejoining their families and will be brimming with stories of their first term at Brentwood, the new friends they have made, and the experiences they have shared in our special community.

The faculty and staff also count the days. Everyone needs time to recharge the batteries and reconnect with friends and loved ones back home. In Admissions, I am always startled by how quickly the first term goes. The major travel has been completed, the applications are increasing by the day and the buzz about ‘next year’ is already happening with prospective students around the world.

12 more sleeps!

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