Countering Covid-19 in Germany

Sunday, April 19, 2020 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘21

As a student from Germany, I thought it would be interesting for the Brentwood community to read about the measurements Germany has taken to combat Covid-19.

By the number of confirmed cases, Germany is one of the most affected countries. With approximately 130,000 cases on April 16, Germany is the country with the fourth most confirmed cases. But one reason we have so many recorded cases is because we are testing ½ million people per week.

Indeed, Germany is still a very safe country to live in right now. According to the Deep Knowledge Group, Germany is the second safest country to live in during the pandemic. There are several reasons. First, Germany has a really good health system so infected people overcome an infection better than in many other countries. We also have a lot more ventilators in the intensive care units which is giving Germany a smaller death rate of people infected. We also test a lot!

The strategies in Germany to minimize the spread of the virus are pretty similar to most other countries. Schools, restaurants and most stores have been closed and only supermarkets, gasoline stations and other important facilities are opened. But the country recently announced it would slowly decrease the measurements, due to a really good “flattening of the curve’’.

At the end of April or beginning of May - depending on the region - graduating students will be able to go to school again by attending smaller classes. Over the course of May, more stores are going to open again depending on the size of the store - smaller stores first. Restaurants, hotels and similar facilities will stay closed. Big events like soccer games or festivals can’t take place until August 31st. But the German government also announced that they will increase the restrictions again if a rise of infections is seen.

I believe that the German government has done an exemplary job in protecting the population of Germany from the virus. With a very low death rate and a decreasing number of new infections, it feels safe to live here.

Ben H, Privett ‘21

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