Connect Model UN

Sunday, January 05, 2014 - By: Sarah M

Late last term, eleven Brentwood diplomats set out to downtown Vancouver to compete in the prestigious Connect Model United Nations conference. Representing countries as conflicted as Iran and Israel and as inconsequential (on the Security Council) as Argentina, these delegates debated solutions for topics including the Syrian conflict, futuristic environmental preservation, human trafficking and euthanasia. During an intense midnight crisis, we were dragged out of our beds to save the world from a weaponized smallpox attack from Kurdish terrorists, the resolution of which took until 3:00 am and was without input from the sleeping World Health Organization. So nerdy, so exciting. In precious moments of free time, we gorged ourselves on chocolate and coffee to battle the exhaustion, and indulged in all-you-can-eat sushi and Indian food.

Brentwood’s delegation, which included 4 complete novices, performed exceptionally well - newbie Tyler P even won Outstanding Delegate as Israel on the Commission on Science and Technology for Development and Sarah M came away with Best Delegate on NATO. Many of our experienced delegates like Fischer W, Calder M, Natalie M & Kevin D challenged themselves on advanced committees: we are all very impressed. I’d like to thank Mrs. MacInnis and Mr. Bryant for facilitating such a great trip and supporting the students even very early in the morning and late at night, and all the students for their exceedingly hard work and enthusiasm.

Sarah M, ‘14

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