Concours D’Art Oratoire

Monday, May 30, 2016 - By: Sarah R, Hope ’17

On May 7th, a small group of students dedicated their Red Saturday to the pursuit of the provincial title for the Concours D’Art Oratoire, a French speech competition organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF) with the goal of promoting and enriching the French language in and outside of schools in Canada. This year’s provincial competition was hosted at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus, a location which allowed students to simultaneously tour and present in the classrooms and lecture halls.

Nine Brentwood students attended the Concours: Kenya B, ’20, Grade 8, Valerie G, Mack ’19, Zoe T, Hope ’19, Leila M, Hope ’19, Sophie F, Allard ’18, Anna M, Alex ’18, Clare G, Mack ’17, Sarah R, Hope ’17, and Alex D, Rogers ’16. All students performed well, impressing both their peers and judges.

Two students made an unprecedented mark on Brentwood history: Leila M placed first in her category, and Alex D second in his, narrowly missing a berth to the National Concours in Ottawa. Each received a medal, certificate, and cash prize, as well as the honour of their achievement.

The provincial Concours took place over the course of the day, with participants ranging in age from elementary school up to Grade 12. Each student had the chance to participate in one of three categories: Core French, Immersion, or Francophone, designed to provide students with the opportunity to compete against students with similar French backgrounds. Students delivered speeches ranging from three to five minutes, on a wide variety of topics in areas such as science, education, personal expression, travel, and much more.

Monsieur Hernandez, Head of Modern Languages, accompanied the students to the Concours, and was instrumental in both the attendance and excellent results of the event. Merci!

Sarah R, Hope ’17

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