Concert For A Winter’s Eve

Monday, December 11, 2017 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Mike Minckler

As the curtains slowly part, and the lights dim in the house, turning their focus to the stage, the Killy Theater is once more transformed into a place of music and magic. With a skilled group of dancers taking the stage to open the show, Brentwood’s annual Concert for a Winter’s Eve commenced this Thursday, December 7th. 

All of the musicians, performers, and technical crew involved have been working tirelessly to make the show amazing and seemingly effortless, despite the many hours of practise that have been invested in it. After only two chances to practise together on the large stage - the technical and the dress rehearsal - everyone involved certainly showed a great deal of grit and confidence in putting the show together. 

While performers gathered before the concert to warm up, nervous, excited energy ran high. Following the dancers came numerous performing groups, including the wind ensemble, string ensemble, vocal ensemble, advanced rock band, guitar ensemble, a cappella vocal group, and jazz band, along with many talented vocal and instrumental soloists. The performance was truly a showcase of incredible talent, coupled with extraordinary efforts by all involved. Throughout the show a variety of music was showcased, with music from jazz to rock to pop or classical songs. With two performances over as many nights, there was a chance for both the students and staff of the school to attend, with the theater at the same time opening its doors to the public. 

There will be our annual Concert for a Summer’s Eve in June as well, and we encourage everyone to come and appreciate the musical talent that Brentwood is home to! Thank you to the technical crew, the arts teachers and directors, and the performers for allowing the reputation of these wonderful concerts to be upheld for yet another year.

If you missed the concert live, you are still able to view it at

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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