Concert for a Winter's Eve

Thursday, November 22, 2007 - By: Edna Widenmaier

The stage is set waiting for the Christmas Fairy to host the Concert for a Winter's Eve, 22nd and 23rd November Killy Theatre at the T. Gil Bunch Centre. Two performance events, both celebrating the season and featuring over 90 musicians, singers, dancers and technical theatre students in our programmes, are a benefit concert for our local food bank. The musical seeds that were planted in September in the various musical classes have now borne fruit and we now glean the rich harvest for two sold-out shows. Of special note this year is that the harpsichord, lovingly crafted over six years and most generously donated to us by John L. Queen, to be played for the first time in concert. A replica of an 18th Century Flemish Single, it will allow our piano students to play Bach and other Baroque compositions on the instrument for which they were composed. This unique gift comes from one of our illustrious Brentwood pioneers, our Mr. Chips, Housemaster of Whittall for 35 years, founding chair of the Brentwood Rowing Regatta, director of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, and teacher of physics. John L. Queen received the prestigious Hugh Stephen Award last year in recognition of his life-long service to Brentwood College. De Manu in Manum.

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