Concert for a Summer's Eve Preview

Saturday, June 03, 2017 - By: Luke A, Whittall ‘19

With the end of term 3 and exams right around the corner, performers are hungry for their last chance to get on the Brentwood Stage, so expectations are high for the Concert for a Summer’s Eve next week.

The concert has been awaited for by many performing arts classes as some of them last performed last in December. The Wind Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Strings Ensemble, and Jazz Band have all finished their festival pieces and are eager to showcase their work to the Brentwood community. With some individual and some mixed class pieces stepping up to the plate, these classes are prepared to knock you out of the park. The Guitar Ensemble is also making a comeback after a beloved performance in the Concert for a Winter’s Eve last December.

These classes aren’t the only acts performing. Some students have been practicing for months to perform solo and are ready to strut their stuff. Hannah R, Mackenzie ‘18 and brother-sister duo Ben R, Ellis ‘20 and Maria R, Mackenzie ‘19 are some notable performers in the concert, but probably the most emotional performances will be the Grade 12’s, as this is their last performance at Brentwood. 

Brentwood singing superstars like Kyle VW, Rogers ‘17 and Holly CH, Mackenzie ‘17 are, for sure, going to sing their hearts out for the audience as their Brentwood performing careers come to a close.

So make sure that you don't miss any of these performances at the Concert for a Summer’s Eve, Thursday June 8 & Friday June 9 at 7:30pm!

Luke A, Whittall ‘19

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