Concert For A Summer’s Eve

Monday, June 07, 2021 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21

On Friday May 28th, students gathered in their common rooms or, if you are Alex House, in the lecture theatre, to watch this year’s Concert For A Summer’s Eve. It was breezy, enjoyable and the final arts performance of the 2021 school year.

Ms Widenmaier, the woman behind it all,  expresses her deep and unfaltering compliments to the performance as she says “It was an incredibly successful experience”. The performances shown had already been seen by various Festivals across British Columbia and Canada and we were lucky to witness a plethora of award-winning pieces as well as just pure talent.

Many performers took to the stage and once again wowed the Brentwood Community with their talent and personal artistic flair. Similar to Senior Play and Dance, though the performances were not in person but rather pre recorded and broadcasted, the effects of the show remained the same. Ms Widenmaier explains that there are even advantages of doing the show by broadcast: “We didn’t have to wait for any set changes so it kept the audience energy high”. Hope House watched in a multipurpose room in the Foote Centre where we were attentive, mesmerized and utterly captivated. There was no lack of clapping and cheering on our part and I can confidently say that the Grade 12s especially savored this last performance at Brentwood. “I am in awe”, comments Emilee N, Hope ‘21. “I cannot believe I am a part of such a vibrant and talented community - and to watch the performances together as a house is beyond a blessing. The performances were brilliant!”

The Killy Theatre stage hosted Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Acouschicks, Pitches Vocal Ensemble, Advanced Rock Band as well as many other soloists. Ally D sang “Beautiful” by Linda Perry, Charles Z strummed “The Dream” by Bae Suzy, Isaac L played “Prelude Op. 11 No. 9” by Alexander Scriabin, and Indiana W sang “Natural Woman” by Gerry Goffin, Carole King and Jerry Wexler. Advanced Rock Band Captain Sophie H, Hope ‘21 explains that “The experience was phenomenal”. She goes on to explain that Despite the broadcasting format, we were able to perform to our full ability. It would be an understatement to say that I had fun on the stage”.

Hope House enjoyed especially the evening of performances from their comfortable viewing. We lounged in Multipurpose Room #3 with blankets, pillows and snacks. It was a much appreciated alternative to prep. Mack House felt the same effects of the entertaining performance and video in their own common room and reveled in the students’ talent. “We were super into it!” says Gemma S, Mack ‘21, “I think that all of us enjoyed it immensely”. A fan favourite was definitely “All Star” sung skillfully and slightly ironically by the Pitches Vocal Ensemble. Many had to refrain from singing along.

All in all, it was an impressive evening filled with joy and pride for the Brentwood Community. Moments like these where we gather together to show our respect and appreciation for the artistic work of our peers is what I think I will miss most about Brentwood. In such a trying time it is important to reflect on how lucky we are to have such opportunities. Congratulations to everyone who graciously took the stage. Thank you to the Faculty, the Stage Crew and the House Band for making this all possible. Lastly, farewell to the performing arts of 2021!

Zosia S, Hope ‘21

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