Concert for A Summer's Eve

Monday, June 17, 2019 - By: Amelia H, Allard, ‘20; Photo by John Pettit

A national rower, a provincial cross-country runner, and an international debater walk onto a stage. No, this is not the beginning of a poorly executed dad joke, this is Brentwood’s Concert for a Summer’s Eve. Not only did we have a wide array of people, but also an equally impressive array of music genres for the final concert of the year. From classical to movie soundtracks, jazz to pop, and strings to vocal, we covered nearly every sector of music. I was truly blown away by the depth and breadth of music talent displayed. Clearly the talent it takes to perform La Cinge, for example, is enough to impress anyone, but combine that with the fact that all of these musicians are also athletes, academics, and high school students, and one cannot be anything but dazzled. 

Over the course of the evening we heard from the jazz band, choir, soloists, rock band, Brentwood’s Almost A Capella, and so much more. As much as the audience enjoyed the evening, so too did the performers. “The concert gave countless talented musicians a platform to express their passions. It was exceptionally gratifying to perform, and I know that all of the ensembles and individual acts appreciated the opportunity as well” says Ben R, a pianist. Thank you to all who made this concert possible, it was thoroughly enjoyable for us, the audience, and greatly appreciated by the musicians. 

Amelia H, Allard, ‘20

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