Concert For A Summer’s Eve

Friday, June 09, 2017 - By: Hannah R, Mackenzie ’18; Photo by Mike Minckler

The Grade 12s of the music department already feel the nostalgia settling in. Why? Their last Brentwood performance – Concert For A Summer’s Eve – is upon us.

As soon as Festival Season, in April and early May, finished, all the music ensembles turned their focus to preparing for the performance, which features the Jazz Band, Vocal Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Strings Ensemble, with joint performances by a few of the groups.

Solo performances are also featured in Concert For A Summer’s Eve, many of them by graduating students for whom this is the last chance to grace the stage in a Brentwood concert. Twelfth grade students performing include Sarah F, Mackenzie ’17, Sarah R, Hope ’17, Lewis J, Ellis ’17, Kyle VW, Rogers ’17, Holly CH, Mackenzie ’17, Antonio C, Rogers ’17, and Liam S, Rogers ’17.

In order to give the school’s up-and-coming performers a taste of the stage, some younger students are also performing pieces. In fact, we have two sibling duos on the program for this year, comprised of students in Grades 9-11: Maria R, Mackenzie ’19 with her brother Ben R, Ellis ’20, and sisters Hannah R, Mackenzie ’18 and Sarah R, Mackenzie ’20.

Some song titles to anticipate include “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble, “Human” by Christina Perry, “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel, “Let It Be” by the Beatles, and the theme from “Game of Thrones”, performed by the Wind and Strings ensembles, combined.  

All proceeds from Concert For A Summer’s Eve are given to Choirs In Concert For The Children, an organization which supports special needs music therapy programs in the Cowichan Valley.

If you are able, please come out and support both the Brentwood music students and the beneficiaries of the concert! The show runs again tonight, Friday, June 9th at 7:30pm. Follow to book tickets.

Hope to see you there!

Hannah R, Mackenzie ’18 

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