Composition Rock Band

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - By: Nicolas PL, Whittall ‘22

When people think about arts, they normally think about something classical: painting, playing an instrument, maybe dance. They don’t think about Composition Rock Band. This art is different and that’s what makes it so special. This art targets young musicians trying to create their own music from scratch. This class gives us the tools and knowledge to start creating our own projects and expressing ourselves.

The composition band works differently than other arts. The teacher gives a set of requirements that a project needs to include. Students take these requirements and create a project meeting the criteria that they have been asked for. Then the student presents their project every week to the class. This way students have the chance to have fun and be creative and at the same time learn important skills along the way

This course offers another option and that is to create your own music and play it live with a band giving music production another approach. Students create a song in groups and perform that song in front of the whole school.

It’s a great privilege to have the variety of arts programs Brentwood has to offer to suit each individual student. “There is an art program for everybody” advocates Ms Widenmaier. I am really enjoying these programs and would recommend it to anyone interested in creating their own music.

Nicolas PL, Whittall ‘22

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