Composition Rock Band Rocks

Thursday, January 10, 2019 - By: Will W, Whittall ‘19; Photo by Stephanie M, Mack '20

Are fame, fortune, and rock ‘n roll glory aspects of their future? If they are, it’s unlikely it will be because of this class, but that’s not going to stop them in their quest for strange lyrics and sick beats. Who are they?

They are Brentwood’s Composition Rock Band.

At the beginning of September this group of students began their journey to create music, using Apple Loops and other similar programs to mix their first digital songs. After their first project, the class split off into two separate sections: students wanting to continue on their way with creating music on their laptop, and a second group, wanting to produce live songs. 

While they were excited to begin making noise in a band setting, they quickly struggled with the temptation of jamming out, playing covers of their favourite songs and just making noise. After a class or two, however, they already had their first song completed, which they had based on a trap rap song created by a member of the class during their initial project. With two more songs now well on their way, this performance-oriented band prepared itself for the Concert for a Winter's Day concert, their first public debut. 

Although it is a sought-after course, many musicians are daunted by the thought of actually having to create their own music and lyrics, especially when pressed by deadlines. “The most difficult thing would have to be trying to come up with a topic to sing about, but I usually get by eventually with some good help from my bandmates” says Luke A, Whittall ‘19. 

As always, the class works towards creating a set to record at the end of the year, when the class will travel to a studio in Duncan to have their song professionally mixed and mastered. 

Will W, Whittall ‘19

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