Comp Band Hits Vic

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - By: Ella B, Mackenzie ’17; Photo by Lion T, Privett’17

A base thrums, drums dash, and emerges a harmonious cacophony as the fingers of  Bryn G, Ellis ’16, dance across frets and dominate the air with sound. Brentwood’s Composition Rock Band has hit Victoria.  

On Wednesday April 15, Brentwood’s Composition Rock Band headed to Victoria to perform in the annual Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. This was an incredible opportunity for us to gain experience and confidence on stage while learning to improve our sound as a group.

We started off the day by performing in between the morning and afternoon adjudications. This performance was a great way to get a sense of the stage before our judged set. It also gave us the opportunity to play some of our other music before diving into the adjudicated performance.

Since September, the Composition Rock Band has been busy writing songs of many different genres. Although it was difficult to only choose two songs for the competition, we decided on “Breath Again” and “Helicopter”.  With Daniel M, Privett ’16, dominating the back of the stage with his impressive drum skills, Robin M, Rogers ’16, playing both electric and bass guitar, Miles J, Privett ‘16 shredding on the electric and Jaclyn C, Alex ’16 and I sharing the mics upfront, the comp band took over the stage. It was evident that the music we produced pleased everyone listening, including the adjudicator. Most of our feedback was focused on us learning to mesh our sound. We played around with the sound system adjusting different parts and the outcome was fantastic!

A huge thank you goes out to our teacher, Mr. McGill, for making all of this possible; your dedication to our band is incredible! Thank you for always being supportive.

This experience was perfectly timed because this weekend the Composition Rock Band will be playing at Brentwood’s Regatta! All of us are looking forward to being part of this amazing international event. We hope to see you all there!

Ella B, Mackenzie ’17; Photo by Lion T, Privett ’17

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