Colts Rugby

Thursday, July 28, 2016 - By: Mr. Phil Smith, Coach; Photo by Linnea M, Allard '17

The Colts had their most successful season in recent memory. It started in March with a nine-try rout of St. George’s, then gained momentum during a tour of England & Wales. Overseas, they competed bravely in all of their matches, and returned harder and smarter. The obvious highlights are the results: the Colts beat Shawnigan, St. George’s, Oak Bay & SMUS, something that had not been done in a single season for many years. That they scored 40 or more points in each of these games was even more remarkable. 

Often, a team has either a willingness, or an ability to attack: this team had both. 

They were an army, and they embarked on a long campaign: 42 players in 25 matches from Ystalyfera, Wales, to Port Alberni, BC. 30 players played at least one game for the A team. If there is a practice drill that improves players more efficiently than playing a game, then this coach had not heard of it, so we hit the road.

This year brought moments of sublime beauty. Ollie W barrelled over the line after 19 phases of pressure against a staunch Oak Bay; Sion G broke the SMUS line, and ran like a horse who’d bolted; little Matt MP scampered 70 metres to shock our Shawnigan neighbours; and Torren K two hands on the ball, back arched like a drawn bow, slipped the last tackle against Isfeld.

But rugby is a team game, so the wider shots resonate. A tight black fist of a scrum was anchored by our Captain, Jose M, who provided a nimble blend of Latin flair & Canadian grit. Our jack-in-the-box lineout proved springy and unpredictable, and was buttressed by Mathijs VB & William P, both of whom had the two ingredients all quality second rowers need: raw athleticism, and a chip on their shoulders. And our whip of a backline rounded out the team, with Jose PP calmly at the handle, and Ciaran B and Mason S at the cracking tail.

This is a special group, but its members are young, and satisfaction is the enemy of improvement. These boys must look to 2017 & 2018 with determination and the resolve to be champions.

Mr. Phil Smith, Coach

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