Colts Rugby

Friday, October 19, 2007 - By: Tony Healy

Tuesday 16th October will be forever remembered as the day that the Colts of 2007 became a team.  In their clash with ISA rivals (and favourites to win) St. Michaels University School, our boys were simply heroic.  Never willing to flinch on defence, they refused to allow the SMUS attack to cross their line.  Time and time again the Colts tackled their hearts out and stifled the rivals vaunted backline which boasted a Canada Under-17 player.  Still, SMUS was able to capitalise on one mistake and cross for one (unconverted ) try in the second half.  Nonetheless, this lone trespass seemed to galvanise the Brentwood team and spurred them on to their own offensive forays.  A long period of sustained pressure with hard charging runs by Dylan Lalonde and Brendan Rumble (as well as excellent support by the rest of the team), was rewarded with a Brentwood try by Captain Salvatore Cannatella.  As with the SMUS try, this too went unconverted. The game, however, was not over — SMUS fought back and the seesaw battle continued until the final whistle.  Our heroic defence held and, with excellent back row play by our two inexhaustable flankers, Nic Chapin and Trevor Mansfield, the Colts protected their lines.  Never a team to give up, our rivals managed to mount one last attack that seemed to be, perhaps, the decider, until Jose Raz Guzman Macedo capped off his excellent defensive performance with a game-saving tackle that ended the contest in a 5-5 tie.  Although a tie is often equated to getting a kiss from a brother or sister, this game became the moment that allowed the Brentwood team to believe in themselves and proved that heroes can, and do, take the form of 15-year-old boys or, more appropriately, young men .    

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