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Thursday, April 28, 2022 - By: Grace D, Alex ‘22; Photo by Kameel A, Privett '23

When I think of the remarkable Arts program at Brentwood, I think of the girl who never fails to amaze the audience, our Assistant Head Prefect of Arts, Robin C, Alex ‘22. Not only has Robin been in five theatrical productions throughout her time here, but she has also been an inspiration and role model for her peers on and off the stage. Robin arrived at Brentwood in Grade 9 as a talented youngster, and over the years she has grown into a singer, actress & songwriter.

Starring in Spamalot in 2020, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in 2021, and Chicago in 2022, this talented young artist has her fair share of musicals under her belt. Robin played the narcissistic and vain Roxie, in Chicago this year which allowed her incomparable singing abilities and acting skills to be showcased.

Robin’s talents are appreciated by those around her, including a close friend and housemate, Lily H, Alex ‘22, who says “Her dedication to these passions of hers is something that the whole school and surrounding community can appreciate as we watch her shine on stage.”

Taking a look at one of Brentwood’s most recent and exceptional performances, from April 20-22, the Senior Play cast performed the satirical and witty play, Puffs, written by Matt Cox. Over four consecutive shows, Robin was able to keep the energy high and English accent sharper than a tack. Arguably one of the most paramount roles in this year’s Senior Play, Robin played the lead role of the Narrator. With over 150 lines memorized, Robin’s English accent fooled the audience into thinking she is a real wizard - not a muggle like the rest of us. Check out Seb M, Privett ‘22’s article on a review of Puffs.

Robin can also be seen singing her heart away at most of the school events that have singers present. Whether it be Thanksgiving Dinner, Concert for a Winter’s Eve, Java Hut, or Concert for a Summer’s Eve Robin never fails to amaze us with her talent.

Brentwood’s Head of Arts, Ms Edna Widenmaier, works closely with Robin this year as they are the respected staff and student representatives for the Arts. Ms Widenmaier has this to say about Robin: “Being on stage fires up all of Robin’s performing arts passions. Never seeming to run out of gas, she inspires all those around her both on and off stage.”

Not only does she work tirelessly to provide our campus and community with show-stopping performances, but she is also committed to writing songs and providing the vocals for a group of students that produce music for all platforms. With Jacob H, Privett ‘22 as the producer and Steven G, Rogers ‘22 on guitar, their new hit single “Long Gone” is blowing the minds of people of many demographics across the country (and soon enough, the world!) on Spotify.

Head Prefect, Jacob H, Privett ‘22, one of Robin’s closest friends, shares his thoughts: "Working with Robin has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I feel so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented, driven, and inspiring artist. Although we are both very different and have our own unique styles in which we create music, when we work together we are able to push each other to create something truly special."

Take a break from your work, plug in your ear buds, and take the journey through “Long Gone” now by clicking this link.

Grace D, Alex ‘22

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