Cold Day, Hot Bodies

Wednesday, February 06, 2019 -

This afternoon brought beautiful blue skies, calm water - and subzero temperatures. Although our 90 rowers were keen to launch the fleet, the coaching staff thought a varied indoor workout would improve fitness, build bonds among the four programs (girls and boys, juniors and seniors) and minimize the chances of catching a cold.

Ms Ostopovich designed a four station program that featured fitness erging, technique erging, a body circuit and the Human Obstacle Run. For 80 minutes the athletes pulled, hopped, jumped and pushed their way to an enjoyable and challenging workout.

The weather forecast for Friday predicts similar temperature and the chance of more snow, but Head of Rowing Ms Biesenthal has arranged for several members of Canada’s National Rowing Team, including rowers and a coxie, to speak to the team. No doubt there will be a fitness component as well. ;-)

The journey continues.

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