Coed Field Hockey

Tuesday, July 03, 2018 - By: Mrs Sue Whitney; Photo by Robbie K, Whittall '19

Coed Field Hockey is a now an established part of the third term sport program, and this year’s team had another very enjoyable and successful season. An eclectic mix of male theatre pro members and thespians, boosted by track star Femi and ice hockey players Ravi, Brandon, Elliott and Isaac, were admirably anchored by girls from all three levels of expertise from the fall program. These girls all stepped up to the challenge and showed their knowledge and stick skills. Georgia, Emma, Aranza, Maddie and Phoebe were all eager to improve their strength and speed.

The team played against more experienced Under 19 teams as part of the Cowichan Spring League. We played 17 games, many in the evening or early Saturday morning, and we were competitive in most. As our stick skills and game understanding improved, we won several games. Demonstrating sportsmanship and enthusiasm, Brentwood is now known as an emerging force. From the start, our 21 players, led by Co-Captain Sarah Gillies, went through warm ups and dynamic stretching whilst the trio of goal keepers, Brandon, Sloane and Clifford, were taught skills by goalie coach Sarah LaBonte. Returnees Benjamin Stephenson and the Campbell trio led the line with their knowledge gleaned from last year’s play as they showed the new boys how to play as a team. New boys, Travis and Robbie loved scoring goals and Elliott needed permission to fly freely with the ball up the field even though he was in defence. My advice was, you had better get back when done! Finn, our other Co-Captain always led a cheer for us and the opposition, heartening to be sure. 

The last game became an inter-squad one with the Grade 12s with three guest players versus the rest of the team. They graciously let the younger players win 3-2. A final comment made by one of our rookies, which reinforces why I love coaching was “I wasn’t sure if I’d like the sport, now I wish I had done it earlier.” My answer to that is, you now understand the game, sign up for an intramural team at university if it is offered. You are good enough and, as I am living proof, you can play it for life.

Mrs Sue Whitney

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