Choose To BEE a Speller

Wednesday, April 03, 2019 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19; Photo by Molly K, Allard '19

For weeks, students inboxes were swarmed with notifications from Mrs. Day Reynolds. Reminders were sent, hints were given, and the judges were chosen. The heavily anticipated event was just around the corner. 

The annual Interhouse Spelling Bee took place on Saturday, March 30th in the Killy Theatre as one junior and one senior from each house took the stage to “Bee” the best speller in their category. 

The night began with juniors all impressively making it through the first round. They continued with a teacher’s pick round, as well as a staff names round where no student failed to spell our teachers’ names. “Lifelines” were used during these rounds, so a contestant was able to call someone from their house seated in the audience to help them once during the Bee. In the finals of the junior category, Rogers/Allard and Mack/Ellis went head to head. In the end, Mack/Ellis took the win on the word “Entrepreneurial”. Ellis Interhouse Captain Haden U said he was “really proud of the way [his] house came to rally and support the guys”, also noting he was “really proud of the Mack girls and how they performed as well”. 

An audience round followed where students got up on stage and were asked to spell the challenging word “mad”. Smarties were given to the clever students as a prize. 

The seniors were presented with sets of slightly tricker words, but that did not seem to confuse many of our senior scholars. As the rounds continued and the words became more difficult, one by one students exited the stage, stumped on their given word.  

Finals round brought the pressure on for the two remaining houses. Once again, Mack/Ellis took home the win, correctly spelling the word “sebaceous”. Mrs Reynolds was “astonished by the support and enthusiasm for this event” and was “especially appreciative of [her] judges, enforcers, and of course, hulu-skirted pronouncers”. 

The 2019 Spelling Bee was entertaining to say the least, and while some houses ended up on top and others not, everyone proved to be admirable spellers. As of now, students are already anticipating Mrs. Reynolds’ emails for next year. 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19 

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