Choose Kindness!

Saturday, February 29, 2020 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

It’s in every one of us to be kind, but sometimes a little prompt or reminder can go a long way in letting everybody promote and give kindness wherever we go. That is what Brentwood’s annual Kindness Week is all about, and February 26, the 2020 Kindness Week drew to a close with Pink Shirt Day to support global anti-bullying campaigns.

The theme of this year’s Pink Shirt Day was “Lift Each Other Up”. I see this happening already every day at Brentwood, but it is something that all of us can always continue to work on and improve. One in every five children will experience some degree of bullying, whether it be in person, online, or behind their backs. Every February, people across the world wear pink shirts to signify their support for individuals affected by bullying, and symbolize their non-tolerance for bullying of any kind. As usual, Brentwood participated in this show of support and kindness, and the campus was awash with pink as staff, students, and faculty alike dressed for the occasion. As OMNI Captain Ash M, Mackenzie ‘20 said, “Pink shirt day isn’t just about wearing a pink shirt, it’s also about acknowledging the struggles and hardships our peers have faced and showing your support not just today but year round”.

Many other events have also taken place during Kindness Week, promoting kindness to yourself, to others, to the environment, and to our community. Each day of the week had a theme, including “Kindness to Others”, “World Kindness”, “Random Acts of Kindness”, and “Appreciation Day”. Spaces were set up in Crooks Hall where people could record and post random acts of kindness they witness others doing or things they appreciate about the staff at the school; gratitude notes were written and delivered during advisors, and there were special treats for prep, cookie break, dinner, and brunch throughout the week.

Over the course of Kindness Week, there was also a Collection of Kindness taking place in all the boarding houses, where people could donate non-perishable food items, toiletries, and warm toques and mittens for the Cowichan Valley Basket Society and the Mill Bay Food Bank, for those in our community who need extra support.

Kindness Week was an amazing reminder to be thoughtful and work towards kindness in everything we do, but kindness should not stop as the week comes to a close. I hope that you will be inspired to perform a random act of kindness, or tell somebody how much you appreciate them, and watch the ripple effect as your kind action spreads. “It may seem like you aren’t really doing anything”, when you do a simple act of kindness, as LJ L, Hope ‘20 put it, “but it can have more impact than you know.”

Thank you to the Kindness Week Committee, made up of the BEAT, SPARC, SAC, and Grad groups, and in particular Mrs McLean, for all the effort they put into organizing another phenomenal Kindness Week!

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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