Chillin’ With My Gnomies

Monday, December 13, 2010 -

Saturday, December 4th may have been just another day when loud words were exchanged between argumentative teenagers, but on this day, it also occurred at a debating competition in Victoria. The Golden Gnome Debate Tournament attracts speakers from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland to quarrel over impromptu topics. The tournament's namesake is a two foot tall gold gnome, the prize for the winning team. Our Brentwood squad (including one last-minute groggy replacement) departed for Oak Bay High School eager to tell their opponents why they were wrong.

Novice and veteran alike demonstrated their critical thinking and public speaking skills in four rounds of impromptu debate. Debating a range of topics from conscription to MLA recall, one of our junior teams (Toby D and Yasyf M) placed second. Everyone had a fun and enlightening experience, even the groggy guy!

Max E

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