Charity Work Day

Tuesday, March 08, 2016 - By: Marius Felix

On the Saturday after the students return from Spring Break, the entire Brentwood community (staff and students) will dedicate ourselves to the annual Charity Work Day. Resurrected three years ago, as many as 70 groups of staff and students will be transported throughout the Cowichan Valley to provide 6 hours of old-fashioned sweat equity to clients and non-profit organizations. The goal is a simple one - offer hard work in return for donations, all of which are distributed to needy local charities and non-profit organizations. Each of these organizations is dedicated to making better the lives of those less fortunate.

Last year, the school raised nearly $14,000 in donations. Add to this the donated labour the staff and students provided pro bono to non-profits organizations, and the total reached nearly $20,000.

The response from our students is remarkable. Inevitable grumbling at the start of the day turns into a humble realization (grit) that their work will make a significant difference to people who are truly in need. Once the day is completed, there is a level of joy and fulfillment that comes from helping others. Organizations which receive the donated funds will come to the school for a special assembly, and the students will learn firsthand how their efforts will make a difference.

Living in Canada, a nation in which most of us benefit from an exceptional quality of living, it is often easy to forget that there are people in dire need in our communities. For example, the local food bank, which is located directly across the road from the school, provides over 400 local families each month with the food they need to survive. People in need are often invisible in Canada simply because we are rarely forced to think about the challenges that exist. Raising the awareness of our Brentwood community to understand these needs and the responsibility we all have to make a positive difference is one of the most important reasons for Charity Work Day.

Mr. Marius Felix, Assistant Head

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