Character Revealed

Thursday, March 07, 2019 - By: Bud Patel, Head of School

The world has an obsession with outcomes, achievement and ranking. How many trophies have we accumulated? Which selective universities have your graduates been admitted to? What famous alumni do you have? While I’m not suggesting that these are unimportant, there is one measurement, however, that trumps all – character. This most precious quality is nurtured and kneaded over time and pops up, not when there is sunshine and roses, but when there are storms and thistles.

After a mild January, the calendar’s shortest month brought a rage of snow and cold unlike we’ve seen in Mill Bay. Temperature records were broken and Mr. Felix even called a “snow day” on February 11th – a shocker at Brentwood. That day, however, provided an opportunity for character to be revealed. While there were no classes, our facilities, grounds, health and food services staff dug and ploughed their way to campus to ensure our students were well fed and cared for. As one member said, “I have to get to school because our students need to be fed”. When combined with those of us staff that are fortunate to live on campus, it turned into a glorious day of fun and, err, character. Students took turns shovelling walkways both on and off campus. Morgan Milward, Food Services Manager, made La Tire D' Érable (maple syrup taffy) in the fresh snow. Our facilities and grounds teams worked for five days from 5am to midnight to ensure roads and sidewalks were cleared and de-iced. Character personified!

While ski-jumps and snowmen were built, it was Brentwood’s collective character that shone through. In the wake of the storm, Lulu J, Head Prefect, nominated numerous people for kudo cards (given to those that go above and beyond) and presented thank you notes during assembly. It was a special moment inside the cauldron of the Killy Theatre.

As Head, I could not be more proud of our Family and I am humbled to be part of this exceptional group of characters.


De Manu in Manum,


Bud Patel, Head of School

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