Chaos & Collage

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - By: Maddi A, Alexander ‘15; Photo by Jared B, Privett '15

This past Friday, artists of the Drawing and Painting classes were fortunate to be taught by the acclaimed and esteemed Christian Nicolay. Christian, a multi-media artist out of Vancouver, provided priceless insight into the world of collage. Providing valuable advice and techniques, this encounter was extremely beneficial and has prepared the artists for the upcoming Mad Hatter’s Tea Party project which incorporates multiple media and has a particular emphasis on collage. 

This high-spirited (although slightly messy) class involved creating individual collage pieces and learning completely new transfer techniques. Christian’s artwork and his incredible lesson illustrate the opportunity that arises through chaos and disarray, and the particular personality it brings to a piece of artwork.

Maddi A, Alexander ‘15

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