Ceramics Gets Started

Friday, October 18, 2019 - By: Jordan L, Privett ‘20

Pottery has been a big draw for students from 9th grade to 12th alike. Taught at Brentwood for the past twenty-two years by Ms Peggy Elmes, pottery has been and continues to be a passion of hers, one she hopes she can pass on to her students.

Just six weeks into term one, students new to the class are learning the fundamentals of pottery, and are in the process of building their first pots by hand. Students who have taken the class in previous years began right away as advanced potters, sculpting ceramics using the pottery wheel, and with it, making creative and intricate designs. When asked about the year so far, Ms Elmes said “Classes have gotten off to a great start. Students are taking advantage of everything the pottery studio had to offer them.”

It is the hope of Ms Elmes that all beginners in her class will gradually make their way to the wheel, and start working with the advanced potters. Will M, Privett ‘20, a first year pottery student, said that “Ms Elmes’ pottery class is a great form of creative expression. It allows students in the class to showcase their artistic individuality.” Will also said that he was happy with the progress he has made as well as the skills he has developed in the short time he has been in the class.

While it is only the beginning of the year, and only half of term 1 completed, it should be noted that all classes appear to have gotten off to a strong start, and will make for experienced potters in the classes to come.

Jordan L, Privett ‘20

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