Celebrating Maya J

Monday, April 29, 2019 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19

Last week, the students of our school celebrated the 18th birthday of the one and only Maya J. In light of her birthday, it’s only fair Maya gets some recognition because this is a girl who not only loves her Eggs Benny, but she loves her school, and her commitment to the school hasn't gone unnoticed. 

Originally from China, Maya decided to come to Brentwood in Grade 8. As a true lifer, she’s experienced almost all Brentwood has to offer, in all aspects. Her commendable debate career began in Grade 8 where she fell in love with the art of arguing. Classic Aries. Maya finds success and inspiration in debate through peers such as Jaylnn B. She believes she reached her peak in grade 10, when Mark Y helped carry them to a win at the Golden Gnomes. She produces “astounding, incomparable, innovative and eloquent debating” says fellow debater Liam P. 

This year, Maya also had a lead role in the senior play, Almost, Maine, where she played a young girl falling, literally to her knees, in love. 

Not only is Maya a star in the arts world, but she’s also a student athlete. Although she has a love-hate relationship with her meniscus, she still tears it up on the field hockey and soccer pitches. Joining rock climbing last term, Maya went to a boulder competition. She was afraid of heights but didn't let that stop her from falling in love with rock climbing. 

Through all of her accomplishments, her pride and joy, the fire of her heart, has been her role as Birthday Prefect this year. Hope House has never seen a more enthusiastic birthday prefect. 

We will miss this potsticker loving, dedicated tripartite student. Happy birthday Maya. Snap her @mayamjenner

Nadia K, Hope ‘19

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