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Monday, February 22, 2021 - By: Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

As the students of Brentwood returned to campus coming off a refreshing February midterm break, we were met with the usual safety protocols necessary to secure a successful restart to school. As of now everything has run smoothly and everyone’s fingers are crossed that the story remains the same well into the future.

These strategies include mandatory masking throughout all indoor spaces, proper social distancing with anyone outside of your cohort, and the biggest let down, the spectacular Foote Athletic Centre being closed for the week. Day students are, however, allowed to access common areas of the Foote like their lockers and the chort-separated common room.

Throughout the course of the six day break, most Canadian students went home whereas students who did not either stayed on campus or were housed with Brentwood’s finest families on Vancouver Island. Over the weekend, practically all of Canada - and particularly the Cowichan Valley - received a large amount of snow with temperatures staying subzero for the first time of the year.

Presently, the campus remains covered in snow which has caused outdoor sports and events to be modified until it melts - or is manually removed. Early in the week, the rowers, facing a training space blanketed in six inches of snow, got ahold of the school’s supply of shovels and cleared an area the size of three tennis courts. “The rowers were upbeat, energetic and helpful in clearing snow from our outdoor erging space. It was great fun to see some of our international students from sunnier climes operating snow shovels for the first time. Fortunately, our Albertans were happy to give them some technical tips” observed Mr Ganley. The rugby players and others worked to clear the turf.

Deputy Head of School and active member of the school’s Covid Team, Mr. Sullivan, says that “The highlight for me of any Camp Brentwood is to see them end with a healthy school population and give us the ability to return to normal activities in the Houses and in the classes.” Fellow student Ben M, Whittall ‘22 says “Although it is unfortunate that we have to go through such tight restrictions, it is also a relief that school is able to remain in-person and not online.”

Every single time Camp Brentwood has been employed, it has run perfectly and this most recent stretch is included in that conversation. With, hopefully, just two more of these left, we Brentwood bunch has hopeful confidence that the positive trend will continue!

Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

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