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Sunday, January 31, 2021 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22

Two weeks ago, with students returning to campus after a month-long hiatus, the fourth rendition of Camp Brentwood officially began. Just like all other aspects of the school, athletics changed for the first week in order to accommodate for the CB4 regulations, with an emphasis on outdoor activities. These changes were especially important for indoor sports, as they had to revamp their plan for the first week in order to keep the athletes active while staying safe and shifting to an outdoor setting.

The hockey program, separated from its beloved Kerry Park Recreation Centre for the week, was treated to a myriad of creative activities to entertain the players. On Tuesday, players participated in an intricate ‘Amazing Race’ style activity, where groups were sent scurrying all over campus, from the docks to Mr Patel’s house, in search of clues that deduced a secret message. On Thursday, the players went through a gauntlet of rigorous, quad-crushing exercises, leaving them sore for days to come. On Saturday, their multisport capabilities were tested, as they participated in a series of soccer, rugby, and frisbee related activities. Speaking about the smorgasbord of activities, Cam M, Whittall ‘22, commended the coaches for their hard work and creativity: “It was really fun to be able to do something completely different each day. A big thanks to the coaches who worked hard to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and staying active when we couldn’t get on the ice.”

Basketball went through its infamous cardio program designed to get players in game shape as quickly as possible. I’ll spare you the details, but needless to say the players are ready to go for the rest of second term. Players were pushed to the limit over the first week, doing a series of hill sprints in the form of a relay race, ensuring that they had a little bit of fun competition in the midst of a grueling workout. Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22, was quick to point out his feelings on the matter: “I have never run so hard in my life. The running. The blood. The sweat. The tears. It was all too much for me.” The basketball girls were put through their paces by the ultra-fit, no-nonsense Ms Manton. Heart rates were raised and character was tested!

Volleyball also enjoyed a variety of fun activities, highlighted by a Zumba session that won’t soon be forgotten. Squash also got the opportunity to take a break from the courts and do a sport-specific workout on the outdoor basketball court.
Fast forward a week and Brentwood has successfully completed Camp Brentwood 4.0, meaning indoor sports programs have returned to their traditional habitats. While the first week outdoor activities probably wasn’t the ideal scenario, the coaches of all these programs deserve a round of applause for their creativity and their dedication to their program and athletes.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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