Casting Spamalot

Sunday, October 06, 2019 - By: Photo by Hollly B, Allard '21

The 52 members of Brentwood’s musical theatre program, led by Ms Widenmaier, Mr Newns, & Ms Blake, have been hard at work this month honing their skills and auditioning for roles in the school’s 2020 musical, Spamalot.

Spamalot, written by Monty Python’s Eric Idle, is the 2005 stage adaptation of the 1975 classic comedy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Here are the young triple threats whose seven month quest will lead them to opening knight in late February:  

King Arthur, Jack NG; The Lady of the Lake, Kenya B; Sir Robin, Hugh R; Sir Lancelot, Callum BC; Patsy, Brendan O; Sir Galahad/Dennis, Felix W; Sir Bedevere, Torren K; Prince Herbert, Jacob H; Historian, Maya B; Minstrels: Robin C, Hayley J, Rowland L, & Peju A.

The Laker Girls: Sasha BL, Sofie C, Ashley C, Katie C, Elizabeth C, Anna D, Sabrina H, Sasha L, Chaya N, Emilee N, Grace P, Sophia PT,  Solen R, Atisha RL, Gemma S, Mariia S, Khalilah T, Elora W, & Summer W.

Mayor:, Anthony B; Dennis/Galahad’s Mother, Anthony B; Not Dead Fred, Eamon R; Head Taunter, Eamon R; Sir Bors, Rowland L; Sir Not Appearing, Issac K; Brother Maynard, Julian B; Head Knight of Ni. Joshua H; Tim the Enchanter, Hayley J; Guard 1, Eamon R; Guard 2, Anthony B; Prince Herbert’s Father, Jack R; The Black Knight, Julian B; Voice of God, Eric Idle.

Ensemble: Fish Schlappers, Monks, Not Dead Bodies, French Taunters, French Citizens, Knights of Ni, Knights of Camelot: Peju A, Chantelle BR, Anthony B, Maya B, Julian B, Robin C, Justine C, Joshua H, Jacob H, Hayley J, Eva K, Isaac K, Rosie K, Abby L, Rowland L, Thomas M, Jack R, Rylan R, Eamon R, Julian W, & Siri W.            

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