Careers Day 2018

Wednesday, March 07, 2018 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

On Saturday March 3rd, Crooks Hall buzzed with anticipation as staff and students alike gathered to welcome the 22 speakers who gave their time to bring their personal and professional experiences to Brentwood’s annual Careers Day. With guest speakers ranging from Brentwood alumni and parents to engaged individuals from the community, the theme of this year’s presentations was sustainability. 

To open, each speaker gave a brief introduction of themselves and their career. Following this, the keynote speaker, Ms Sonia Furstenau, took the floor to deliver her inspiring words. Ms Furstenau is a teacher and member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for the Cowichan Valley, representing the Green Party of BC. In her speech she shared insight about not only her career in education and politics, but the fundamental values that it took for her to get from high school to where she is now, and the struggles she had along the way. Equality, recognizing opportunity, and, most importantly, engaging in purposeful and rewarding work were key components of her thoroughly enjoyable speech. Following the opening, students eagerly headed off to learn from their chosen speakers. 

During the three 30 minute sessions that everyone had the opportunity to attend, the presenters gave insight into the positives, negatives, and possibilities of their various careers. With over 20 diverse career paths represented, everybody got to hear multiple intriguing and personally relevant speakers. The sessions ranged from a Skype presentation by a world leader in software development to various entrepreneurs, to insight in careers in sustainable farming techniques, leaving everyone amazed by the plethora of possibilities exposed. After listening to the words of each presenter, there was time for students to have their questions answered by these professionals. 

I know that many students would echo me when I say that Careers Day provided me with an invaluable opportunity to gather information about possible careers that interest me, and that my only regret is that I could not see more presentations! A huge thank you to everybody who made this day possible, and particularly all of the wonderful presenters who gave their Saturday to share their experiences and insight with all of us!

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20 

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