Careers Day 2017 – Looking to the Future

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - By: Sydney Cristall, Alex ‘18; Photo by Glory Chima, Alex '18

As well as being both informative and diverse, the Careers Day presentations were also very interesting. There was a wide range of speakers in areas such as medicine, engineering, finance, law, physiotherapy, music and many more. Presenting at the event were 29 speakers representing 22 industries.

The day started with a keynote address by Mr. Keith Curtis about the important aspects of Brentwood’s tripartite program. He discussed the impact that the system had had on his children. They had grown and been supported by houseparents, teachers, coaches, nurses, and their house ‘sisters’. Mr. Curtis discussed how the tripartite program helps later in life when we enter university and the workforce.

All of the presenters were very open about their journeys and difficulties to their current place in life and answered any and all questions with thought and detail. Seeing the presenters and hearing their stories helped clear our future career paths and dreams and gave a realistic view of job expectations and the road to where they are now.

Thanks to Mr. McCarthy who organized the event and to the volunteer speakers who travelled from near and far to share their insights.

Sydney Cristall, Alex ‘18

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