Careers Day 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Audrey K, Alex ‘16; Photo by Linnea M, Allard '17

Shortly before we departed for Spring Break, Brentwood held its annual Careers Day. Loved by faculty and students alike, the day allows students to imagine themselves in possible career paths by listening to professionals, Brentwood alumni, parents, and friends, who speak about how their careers has shaped their lives and their experiences. 

This year 30 presenters came to the school (or Skyped us) representing 22 different industries - the largest group thus far in the event’s history - allowing students to choose from a multitude of possibilities and aiding us in our university and career decision making.

The keynote speaker, Juno Award winning filmmaker Cal Schumiatcher, started the day off perfectly talking about his struggles in the media industry that eventually led him to find success. He quoted Sir Winston Churchill’s observation that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Many students enjoyed his words, and one of my Grade 12 friends reflected that “his descriptions of his early work experiences gave me a great inside point of view.”

Afterwards, students left the Bunch to enjoy three 30-minute sessions where they were able to listen to presenters speak about their work before asking questions. My presenters included a nutritionist: I found this incredibly interesting as I am seriously considering majoring in that field in university. 

I speak for all students when I say Careers Day allowed me to dive deeper into my possible interests in the future. A huge thank you to members of the Academic Council, the Technology Prefects, and Mr. McCarthy for putting the day on, and especially all of our guest speakers who gave up their weekend to share their professional and personal insights with us.

Audrey K, Alex ‘16

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