Capturing the Class

Friday, May 15, 2015 - By: Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

The shiny apple logos of laptops illuminate room 304; busy fingers tap the keyboards. 24 students made the decision to rank Photojournalism 10 as their first choice: that landed them a spot in this class. Since Tuesday April 14, Mr. Ganley’s photojournalism elective has been choosing topics they are interested in and have been preparing them to be published on the Brentwood website. On top of writing, the students are expected to go out and capture, in photographs, the moments that go along with their article.

Brentwood has blog and news feeds that are updated daily. On top of that, we have a Yearbook team which works to make the insanely large - 300 page - yet amazing publication appear in time for Speech Day. When you take this elective, not only do you have the opportunity to share your articles with families looking at the blog from all over the world, you also have the opportunity to take photos that will be published in the yearbook, which is a privilege.

Families from all over the world send their kids to Brentwood and and prospective parents like to see the whole tripartite program. When parents go onto the Blog and the News feed (like you are doing now) it is possible for them to see art trips, sport trips, academics, nation-themed dinners, and house events. To accommodate parents whose native language isn’t English, some multilingual students wrote articles in their first language.

This was an amazing elective - I got to write about friendships in Alexandra House, the Regatta, and my favourite course. This has shown the 24 students, me included, what it is like to be able to share your experiences with others through photos and words: photojournalism. 

I would definitely recommend this to any Brentwood student. 

Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

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