Capture, Layout, Caption, Repeat

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - By: Maddy W, Hope ‘21, Yearbook Co-Captain; Photo by Chloe C, Allard '21

Don’t duck, don’t walk away, don’t stick your tongue out, please don’t make any inappropriate gestures, don’t move at the last second, smile for the camera, oh, but make sure it looks candid!

Welcome to the life of a Yearbooker.

Every year, it is the responsibility of the Yearbook team, composed of a small group of determined Grade 10, 11 and 12 students and our ferocious, sometimes forgetful, teacher, Mr Ganley, to capture the precious moments of student life on the Brentwood campus so that they can be pieced together into one big book of memories. Not until two years ago did it also become our responsibility to edit and layout these photos ourselves, making the yearbook a completely student-made sensation.

Creating a 300+ page book to be cherished by the entire student body is no easy task. Especially since every year, newbies to the team like Jule L Hope ‘22 are completely thrown in the deep end with photo assignments and keystone layouts from day one. Jule notes that she expected it to be “difficult to figure things out right away, especially during COVID when many events have had to be cancelled”.

Many photogenic events had to be postponed or cancelled due to COVID regulations, which provides the Yearbook team a new challenge of finding creative ways to sustain our page count - and universal inclusion of every student. “We have all faced some issues trying to fill pages during the pandemic, but everyone has been working hard and with such a dedicated and supportive team” observed Jule. She and the other yearbookers are optimistic that the publication will be as great as ever.

Duncan H, Rogers ‘21 notes that “joining Yearbook was a fun experience and smooth transition. The learning curve isn't steep and it is an enjoyable environment. Some may find difficulty when first creating layouts, but it soon becomes something straightforward to create.”

Unlike most Arts courses at Brentwood, it is essential to the yearbook that layouts are completed within their deadlines which often requires work outside of class as well as photo opps at every school event. Veteran yearbookers recognize that this is a challenging class on top of academics and are hugely grateful to the new members for their hard work and commitment.

Thanks to our wonderful team, who (literally) bend over backwards to get their layouts in on time, we will photograph more than 200 events and activities on the Brentwood campus and have completed approximately 50 pages of the entire book, within only the first two months of school. We expect this process to become even faster as we settle into our routine, and we are all very excited to watch the Yearbook come together over the remainder of the year.

Maddy W, Hope ‘21, Yearbook Co-Captain

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