Captains of Arts: 2010-11

Thursday, October 21, 2010 -

This past week the Captains of Arts were announced to the school. In the Studio and Performing Arts spaces, teachers look to their Captains for leadership and support.  The hallmark of a Captain includes excellence in performance, attitude and commitment as well as being able to take responsibility when needed. The following students have been awarded this opportunity to be leaders in their respective disciplines.

Rock Band: Jon H. and Sierra T.; Guitar Ensemble: Tian-G.; Composition: Emily R.; Sculpture: Cameron S.; Drawing and Painting: Chelsey O.; Pottery: Dylan G.; Digital Photography: Andrea C.; Traditional Photography: Nicole R.; Digital Video: Parker R.; Drafting and Design: Rod R.; Public Speaking and Debate: Shannon B.; Yearbook: Clara D. and Cara S.; Pops Orchestra: Christina Hyun and Jenny Cha; Concert Choir: Nick Wai and Shannon White; Jazz Combo: Stephen  C.; Jazz Band: Jon H.; Vocal Jazz Ensemble:  Min K.; Dance:  Rachel H.; Senior Acting: Chelsey O. ; Dance Captain for Musical Theatre: Megan R.; Stage Manger for Musical : Nicole R.; Captain of Musical Theatre: Hope K.

Also announced were the Captains of the senior fall sports including Volleyball: Shelby M.; Soccer: Simon F. and Field Hockey: Kate P. and Denesha D.

Mrs. Edna Widenmaier, Director of Arts

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