Cantando of A Thousand

Saturday, May 09, 2015 - By: Seun A, Allard ‘17

Music is food for the soul: it simply is what everyone enjoys. It connects us all  and what’s even more beautiful than listening to music is singing or playing an instrument. That common love for music is what took Brentwood’s musical trio of the Jazz Band, Choir and  A Capella to the annual Canadian Cantando Festival in Whistler last weekend.

We stayed at the Hilton Resort and Spa at an event featuring over 2000 excited musical youth from all over Canada boasting their musical skills. They came to prove why they deserved to be Gold Superior.

The festival was a three day event and Brentwood’s musical instructors Mr. Newns & Mrs. Wind wasted no time when it came to rehearsals. The musical trio were able to get enough practice, rest and fun not to dampen our spirits: we were jazzed up for the festival.

The festival “competition” started with choirs from other schools who were good, but the moment of truth came when Brentwood’s A Capella group stood in front of the audience and adjudicators, and, as usual, they blew the crowd away with “Bumble Bee”. After their marvellous performance it was showtime for the Choir. 

To be honest standing before an audience of total strangers with a few familiar faces in the crowd can make anyone feel uneasy but the choir stood tall and sang their hearts out and left the crowd in awe.

At the end of it all, the Choir was judged and corrected on the smallest of mistakes and were set loose to enjoy the last day in Whistler by celebrating our success at Earls. 

But we were really hungry for just one more song and what’s better than performing in a mass choir with over a thousand singers singing smoothly and sweetly to the most beautiful song ever “Fix You” by the musical gods themselves, Coldplay.

Seun A, Allard ‘17

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