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Friday, April 05, 2013 - By: Marius Felix

As the final term of 2012-2013 begins, I thought I would share some of the terrific aspects that being a member of the Brentwood community brings at this time of the year. The weather is usually warm, the daylight hours long, the flowers are blooming thanks in large measure to our outstanding facilities department, and the atmosphere on our beautiful campus reflects this. Gone are the sometimes grey days of the middle term.

The sports fields are often inundated with students playing pick-up soccer or frisbee, sipping cool drinks in the sun and socializing or sitting by the seaside and soaking up some much needed sunshine.

Our outdoor sports programs thrive.

Tennis, both recreational and competitive, takes center stage along with the girls’ soccer teams, rugby and rowing. One of the highlights of the term is the Brentwood Regatta, which provides our school with the opportunity to open our doors to the international rowing community and provide our students with a great opportunity to watch our rowers in action. In addition, Outdoors Pursuits continues to challenge our students on the ocean, local rivers, rock faces, and through challenging hikes.

The arts program also continues to produce a multitude of opportunities. The school play this year, Up the Down Staircase, runs this month, a multitude of music festivals around the province and nation will see Brentwood groups perform, and our Evening of Dance showcases the work our dancers have crafted throughout the year.

Similarly, the SAC, SPARC and the BEAT continue their terrific service work, both on campus and in the greater Cowichan Valley.

The term also provides some bittersweet moments for our seniors, who are realizing that their Brentwood student days are quickly coming to an end. University acceptances punctuate this reality and while the Grad class readies itself for the next chapter, the Grade 11 students eagerly prepare to accept the mantle of leadership. The school is a busy place, but all is well as the sun shines on the Brentwood family.

We hope to see you on the campus soon!

Mr. Marius Felix

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