Camp Brentwood 6

Tuesday, April 06, 2021 - By: Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

Camp Brentwood, we meet again.

On March 23rd the students of Brentwood returned to “paradise” as Mr Carr likes to call it. It had been a long and well needed March Break that the hard-working students here at Brentwood deserved.

The return to campus was a bit stressful for some knowing that Camp Brentwood 6 had been put in place - but for many it was a relief because this was (hopefully) Brentwood’s penultimate Camp Brentwood. Brentwood’s COVID-19 team took it upon themselves to make this year as calm as possible for the students. They’ve done this by condensing our midterm and weekend breaks, making it possible for the year to end early - on June 10th. This may sound as a downgrade rather than an upgrade to many people, however we Brentonians will be enjoying an EXTRA long summer vacation.

The mitigation strategies were no different from the previous Camp Brentwoods. Since this is the community’s sixth CB, houseparents and staff around campus placed more trust and responsibility on the students to follow the mitigation plan with as little disruption as possible. Students were to remain masked almost everywhere except for their own dorms. We were masked in transition spaces (even if they are outdoors in a transition space) and we complied with the protocols with little to zero complaining.

One of Brentwood’s finest students, Will P, Whittall ‘22 explained how “Even though this is our second-last Camp Brentwood, we still need to be diligent with following protocols and expectations. However this shouldn't hold us back from enjoying our third term. As a community we need to push through these final months and enjoy paradise's most beautiful time of the year.” Alex A, Ellis ‘23 talks about their “year being awesome so far even though there are regulations in place”.

Brentwood’s campus is a special place that holds something meaningful to every staff member and student. It's up to us as a community and as a family to make sure that we follow the protocols and expectations of CBs. We’ve made it this far into the year so there's no point slacking off now. It's more important than ever to follow the mitigation strategies. It's time for us to stay safe: just because Camp Brentwood 6 is over doesn’t mean COVID-19 is too.

Sajeev S, Whittall ‘22

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