California Dreaming

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 -

Brentwood College School remains very popular with Californians.  While we have students from 11 other states, including 10 from our closes neighbor, Washington State, there is something about our school that continues to resonate with students from California.  Perhaps it is the air, the mountains and our oceanfront campus that reminds many of our Californians of home.  Perhaps it is the variety of arts options available to students that one simply cannot find anywhere else that speaks to the creative spirit. Whatever it is, we love our Californians and they continue to love us.

Most of our students from California come from the Bay area – San Francisco, Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Oakland and San Jose.  With two direct flights a day to Victoria, families can be here in less than 2 hours from San Francisco.  We are a convenient, safe and quality alternative to some of the traditional east coast schools; and we are all within the same time zone.

It is with this in mind that our school will be hosting some of the placement counselors, Head of Schools and consultants from the Bay area on October 13th.  I will also begin my first of two visits to the Bay Area this year (October 17-21).

So Californians, it continues to be a terrific relationship.  I look forward to welcoming you to our campus as well as seeing you in your Golden State.

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