Calc 12 So Far

Monday, January 24, 2022 - By: Sajeev S, Whittall, ‘22

As many of my fellow Brentonians and I entered the fall term, we decided to pursue the interests of Calculus 12. Calculus 12 is one of the most intense non AP math courses offered at Brentwood. The course is definitely hard, but it's not necessarily due to pure difficulty and it's definitely not due to bad teaching as we are taught by the miraculous Mr Prokopchuk. His name may indeed be a tongue twister, but his teaching is clear as can be.

The reason calculus feels so hard to so many of us is mostly because the jump from pre calculus 11 or 12 to calculus is quite drastic. All the tools you are taught in Pre Calc 11 and 12 are then directly transferred into the newer skills taught by Mr P.

The year began with limits which then slowly worked its way up to differentiability or differential calculus. Many students, including myself, did quite horrendously on our first quiz. The level of difficulty is just on a different playing field than what we were used to. We then, step by step, relearned much material and bounced back on the following tests.

This class is not a class to slack off in. Taking your eyes off the board for even a minute will set you so far behind you wish you never took the class. Grady E, Privett ‘22 said: “This class is one of those things that I look forward to but at the same time I don't. The class is awesome, the teacher is awesome, it’s just pretty darn hard.”

We are currently encountering related rates and derivatives which is essentially finding a certain variable in relation to time or some kind of measure. It’s definitely a change in pace but it sure won't hold our brains back. Hannah W, Hope ‘22 says: “Calc can be fun … at times. But I honestly love the class and I don't regret taking it.”

So you Grade 11s, if you're looking for some great instruction and a real intellectual challenge that will push you and help prepare you for University, Calc 12 is a course to enroll in for the fall of 2023. Mr Prokopchuk will be there for you!

Sajeev S, Whittall, ‘22

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