CAIS Accreditation

Monday, February 15, 2016 - By: Marius Felix

Brentwood College School is affiliated with several organisations including CAIS, the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools. Part of the CAIS mandate is for each affiliated school to undergo an accreditation review process every 6-7 years. Much like the Ministry of Education's 5 year inspection, this process is meant to ensure that the school is running well, that the details of school governance are being attended to, and that legal stipulations are being complied with. In addition, however, the CAIS organization looks indepth at all aspects of the school according to 12 standards each of which comes with a list of best practices and desirable characteristics.

An external committee will visit the school in February 2017 to look at all facets of the school from academic classes, to how the residences run, to co-curricular programs in arts and sports. Prior to the visit, we take a look at all of these things and produce an internal evaluation report, as much for our own benefit as that of the committee. As a process to stimulate continuous improvement, the CAIS evaluation will help us take a hard look as a whole staff at how the school is doing in every department and how we can make it better.

Students and parents will also be invited to contribute their views as the work of the various committees preparing each of the standards gets into full swing. We will keep you updated with the preparations for February of next year and on the results that flow from the Visiting Committee's final report.

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