Byte by Byte: Troubleshooting, Technology, & Cookies

Thursday, November 07, 2013 - By: Elizabeth Wolfe

This year we have formed a Technology Council under the guidance of Mr. Brent Lee, our new Information Technology Director. This council consists of eight senior student IT prefects and their eight junior counterparts. Having two IT prefects per house allows the student body to be more fully represented and ensures knowledge transfer as senior IT prefects graduate.

What does being an IT prefect entail? The duties and privileges include:

  • reporting technical issues from the houses
  • testing out new equipment and devices
  • learning how to make minor computing repairs
  • contributing to Brentwood’s technology vision
  • using a customized MacBook Air provided by the School
  • receiving exclusive invitations to conferences paid for by the IT Department, and
  • eating a large tray of cookies during our fortnightly meetings.

As a group, we are keen to generate interest in technological innovation and enhance our existing curriculum. On Saturday, November 16th we will be attending TEDx Emergence in Victoria: Aside from absorbing the amazing discoveries and thought-provoking ideas captured in these talks, we intend to learn more about conferences with the view to hosting our own student-run technology conference in 2014-15.

Ms. Elizabeth Wolfe, Systems Analyst

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