Bubble Soccer & Rainbows

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21

One of the new, fantastic, fun-filled fall activities offered this year was the interhouse bubble soccer event and color war. Bubble soccer was the last interhouse challenge before Thanksgiving, and definitely the bounciest! The event ran from 4-7 pm on Saturday. With sign-in and dinner on the field, the entire school got out and supported their house while enjoying the sun and other events such as the color war and the Sunday buffet.

Bubble soccer is exactly like it sounds: participants climb into large, inflatable, transparent bubbles, with colors differentiating the teams. It is played exactly like soccer, except with the added enjoyment that you can bowl over your opponents and they won’t get hurt. It is completely safe and so convivial. Maya V, Mack ‘21, a competitor for the winning team of Mack-Ellis stated that “It is such an exciting event. It allows us to show spirit as well as make and bond with new friends.”

The other event available was the color war. A rectangular space was created in the field, with tables around the inside perimeter that held the colors. Volunteers at each table refilled the compostable cups with coloured powder of every band of the rainbow. Students tossed the dye onto each other in a fun, lighthearted, exciting color war.

The food services staff also prepared a fantastic dinner served on the field for us to eat while enjoying the activities, along with a Sunday buffet for everyone’s enjoyment. Another Mack House representative, Dusya C, Mack ‘21, a returning student who has experienced fairs and interhouse events before, commented that “This event was really good because there were different activities, so I could participate even if I did not want to do any one particular interhouse event.”

Interhouse is a crucial part of maintaining school and house spirit. It also brings people together and encourages new friendships and connections of students throughout the school. This activity would not have been possible without the volunteers, who believe in the importance of school spirit and want to help, and most importantly Suzanna G, the Head of the SAC (Student Activities Council) and Mrs McLean who put so much energy and time into events like these. It is so important to the student body and really helps us foster the strong bonds and spirit we have with our school.

Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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