Broom Busting

Monday, December 05, 2011 - By: Kenzie B & Scott R

An invasive species is as an organism that is introduced into a region which then damages the ecosystem. Invasive species can be anything from zebra mussels to broom. Broom is one of Vancouver Island’s most invasive species. It has become naturalized into the area and due to its ability to aggressively disperse seeds, it is extremely difficult to eradicate.

On November 20th, dedicated members of the South Cowichan Rotary and Brentwood’s Environmental Action Team, donning safety glasses, safety vests, and gloves, gathered to remove this unwanted weed from our area. With helping hands, we were able to accomplish our goal of removing this unwanted plant from along a part of the Trans-Canada Highway ahead of schedule which left time for us to remove any garbage that we could find. From motor parts to CD cases, we disposed of it all. 

At three o’clock, we headed home, breathing hard, with sore arms and backs. Looking back at the side of the Trans-Canada Highway where we worked, a significant difference could be seen: a job well done. Thanks to all the students, members of the community and Mrs. Richardson who took time out of their day to help remove this harmful invasive species!

Kenzie B & Scott R

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