Bronze Medal Redemption -1st XI Field Hockey

Monday, November 22, 2021 - By: Sam D, Alex ‘23

The 1st XI Field Hockey team finished the season on a high. We were bolstered by many new players and, together with the veterans, quickly adjusted and adapted to new team dynamics. Ranked 8th going into Provincials 2021, we were, quite frankly, the underdogs.

The three days at UVic consisted of constant rain, darkness, shivering and a stinky bus - we were very soggy underdogs - but we persevered and fought through it all to emerge as Bronze Medalists.  

Day 1. Our first match on the rubber-based turf was against South Kamloops. It took some time to get used to the extra bounce of the ball and seeing through the constant rain, but we came out strong and continued aggressively on the offence. The 12-0 score gave many players the thrill of finding the back of the net. The next game against Crofton brought us back down to earth. Possession was split evenly between the sides leaving the end score at 0-0 which produced a shootout. Intense one-on-one play with a 8 sec time limit in which to score put the pressure on both our shooters and our goalie. We ended on the downside of a 4-goals-to-3 shootout loss.

Day 2. The cold morning did not stifle our excitement as we faced JL Crowe and played our hearts out. It was a hard-fought game played with grit and resulting in a 1-0 win. This win excited us and provided motivation as we went into the quarter-final game against Vancouver’s Little Flower Academy. We were elated because it was our first time getting to play on the water-based turf but this soon waned as the rain made field hockey skills a challenge as it was like playing in a pool. Pool play in a literal pool! The game-winning goal was scored by Emilia on a late-game penalty flick: 1-0.

Day 3. The semifinal match against York House was played at 8 am in darkness and continuous downpour. Eric E, our rangy goalie, made some awesome saves but unfortunately, the game resulted in York winning 2-0.

The final game of the tournament and of the season was a grudge match against Crofton who had previously beaten us in a penalty shoot out. A bronze medal was at stake and, for most of our team, their last match with Brentwood.  

“It was a back and forth match that had the spectators on the edge of their seats” observed Abby L, Allard ‘22.

With only minutes to play, Crofton leveled the score to 2-2 sending us back into another nail-biting shootout. Redemption time, tensions high, we were ready. Eric made some spectacular saves and Liza and Luise scored with Brook putting in the winning shot.

This great environment (and result) is thanks to our awesome coaches alumna Alex Miller and Rachel Reynolds. And Ms Alanna Martin really helped us along too. The team are so proud to have been awarded bronze with them in their first year back at Provincials since their Brentwood First 11 team won Bronze 13 years ago.

Sam D, Alex ‘23

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