Bring On The Isle

Sunday, November 10, 2019 -

As fall midterm break came to a close, the Senior Boys Soccer team traveled to Victoria for the beginning of the end of their season: The Island Championships.

Islands day one kicked off against Mark Isfeld, a consistent opponent from the Comox Valley. The match started slowly with Brentwood in control, but struggling to bag an early goal. The first goal of the match came from central defender Callum BC, Privett ‘20, who buried a corner from Ifeanyi A, Whittall ‘21. Ifeanyi then went on to score the final goal of the game after Ankit B, Privett ‘21 got on the scoresheet himself. Brentwood 3, Isfeld 0.

Game two of day one did not end so well for the boys. Brentwood played their hardest match of the tournament against North Island #3 Carihi Secondary. After controlling most of the game, the boys went into halftime down 1-0. Midway through the second half, the game was brought even on a Brentwood freekick by Jack NG, Ellis ‘21 that was mishandled by the Carihi goalkeeper. Only moments later, the Carihi captain scored one of the most incredible goals anyone on the pitch had ever seen, leaving the boys at a 2-1 deficit. Jack NG almost tied it up with another free kick from about 35 meters out that went bar down, but it did not cross the goal line. Game over. Brentwood 1, Carihi 2.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning, more than a little tired and sore, the boys boarded the Brentwood bus for game day two in the big city.

Match number three had Brentwood taking on South #2, Stelly’s Secondary. Brentwood was by far the better team on the day, and had at least 60% possession over the course of the game. Brentwood won ever challenge, made every pass, created plenty of chances, but could not seem to find the net. The boys thought they had surely taken the lead when the ball fell to Jack NG’s feet only a few meters from the goal, but somehow the veteran managed to sky the ball over the crossbar, straight into orbit.

The boys continued to fight, however, knowing that their season was on the line, until Erik L, Ellis ‘21 took a through pass from Declan S, Rogers ‘20, sprinted one on one with the goalkeeper, and flicked the ball into the bottom corner. Easy as you like. “I didn’t see it go in.” said Erik, for as he punched Brentwood’s ticket to provincials, the Stelly’s goalkeeper came out to challenge for the ball, leaving Brentwood’s hero in a joyful heap on the turf. Erik down, Brentwood up. One nothing.

The boys coasted through the 3rd place game against Brooks, as Jack NG scored first and then Youki I, Whittall ‘23 scored a rocket from the top of the 18 yard box to seal the win for Brentwood.

Taking the bronze medal, along with a chip on their shoulders, the boys prepare for the Provincial Championships November 18th, 19th, and 20th in Vancouver. The squad will be bolstered by several Grade 12s who were in the Eastern Canada Uni Tour during the Islands.

This will be a big test for a very young team, but the squad knows what they are capable of and feel that the Island results did not fully reflect that.

It’s Showtime.

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