Bright & Early

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - By: Hannah C, Alex ‘19; Photo by Brian Carr

With the sun just creeping above the easter horizon of a flat race course, the first heat will spring from the gates at 6:00 this morning. Crews will begin lining up to push off the docks and head down to the start line in the crisp air at 5:30. 

The energy of the regatta will be enough to wake up the campus for the early morning racing. “The dedication that these young athletes express is what drives everyone to work hard; that adrenaline rush right before the first race of the day is the sole reason I enjoyed the 6am start time” Lindsey P, an avid spectator, said early this morning. 

Coffee at The Meltdown has been brewing since 5:30, wafting through the air, making sure all the spectators, officials and coaches are getting their morning caffeine before heading off to their commitments. 

Early morning racing is the best kind because of the flat, crystal-clear water at the beginning of the day. The large numbers of teams and athletes require a smooth sailing regatta in order to fit all the races in. “I love the early mornings, it really wakes me up and makes my day better”, says Allulah-Beth C, a Brentwood rower who already crushed two races this yesterday and still has many more to go.

Regatta jobs began at the start of the day alongside the rowers. Waste management, boat holders, dock marshalls, boat drivers, bow markers and others will be out setting the tone for this beautiful Sunday. Be sure to visit the Entre Booths for a tasty start to your day. We hope you enjoy the rest of the regatta!

Hannah C, Alex ‘19    

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